How to Find the BEST Chicago Wedding Photographer and Chicago Wedding Cinematographers As a Chicago Wedding Photographer and Chicago wedding videographer, we here at Brittania Drew Photo and Video have have made it our personal mission to offer couples planning a wedding for any destination throughout the suburbs of Chicago, a state of the art experience in terms of professional wedding photography and wedding cinema. We focus on serving the Chicago, Wheaton, Naperville, Elgin, St. Charles IL, North Shore IL, and Geneva, IL cities with fabulous wedding venues. we would consider ourselves one of Chicago's wedding photography & videography specialists in telling classic, romantic, and timeless stories through photojournalism. While we are physically located in Elgin, IL, we do offer our services as a Chicago wedding photographer to luxurious, romantic, and creative Chicago couples planning a fabulous Chicago wedding in any of the surrounding Chicago weddingd venues. PHOTOGRAPHY When seeking out your wedding photographer in Chicago here are some key points that, as a professional Chicago wedding photographer, we believe every newly engaged couple should consider when looking for the best Chicago wedding photographer or Wheaton wedding photographer. PERSONALITY When selecting your wedding photographer in Chicago you are selecting more than just a photographer for your wedding day you are, in most cases, hiring an individual or a team of professional photographers who will spend the majority of your entire day with you photographing your wedding, spending time with your friends and your family, documenting all of your fabulous handcrafted DIY details, and capturing every moment that is important to you. Personality is a major factor in the selection process when it comes to Chicago wedding photographers and should not be taken lightly. An awesome Chicago wedding photographer's personality can often set the tone for your entire day, how you as a couple interact, how your bridal party responds, and in some cases how the stress level during your wedding is controlled . Ultimately, if you dislike your wedding photographer's personality, it can have a hugely negative effect on your wedding photography as well as your wedding day altogether. In most cases, you will be establishing a relationship with your wedding photographer over the course of your wedding planning and beyond that should contribute to the love of their personality, making you want to spend more time with them. Surrounding yourself with individuals and vendors whom you love is key to experiencing an amazing wedding day. STYLE When viewing photographs of various Wheaton wedding photographers, Naperville wedding photographers, or Chicago wedding photographers we would strongly suggest comparing their wedding photography style. Again, are you selecting a wedding photographer based on pricing alone? Do you love the style in which they photograph? Wedding photography style differs between each wedding photographer in the Chicago metro area. If you have found a wedding photographer whose personality you love, ask yourself if you love their style. Can you imagine decorating your home with their style of wedding photography and looking at it for years and years to come? Most people would not go shopping for home decor to place the most unattractive decorations in their home just because it fit into their budget. You should feel a personal attachment to the stylistic approach of your wedding photographer. At the end of the day, a high end, professional Chicago, Wheaton, or Naperville wedding photographer should be providing you with wedding photography and artwork that you love and want to show off and/or showcase in your home. Wedding photography style and the personality of your chosen wedding photographer in Chicago should trump price. Let's consider our stylistic approach as a professional and experienced Chicago wedding photography team. Take a good look at our online galleries as you should ANY professional wedding photographer that you may be considering. If you are a romantic, creative wedding couple who loves the feel of luxury and are getting married at a fabulous Chicago wedding venue with lots of amazing and luxurious hand-crafted DIY details and photography is extremely valuable to you, you may truly enjoy our attention to detail and our classic, timeless, and romantic photojournalistic approach as a Chicago wedding photographers and metro area wedding photography specialists. PRICE On that note, let's talk about pricing. While price and budgeting is always a factor when selecting your wedding photographer in Chicago or any vendor, there are many other factors that should play into your overall decision beyond just price alone. There are far too many couples who wish they would have selected a top of the line Chicago wedding photographer after selecting their wedding photographer on price-point alone and regretting their decision to do so. Said individuals typically select a budget wedding photographer for obvious budget reasons or have a family friend hold the responsibility of capturing their amazing wedding photos. This is a choice that comes embedded with too much risk and often becomes a mistake in the end that can not be changed. At the end of the day, when the music fades away, the flowers die, and your budget is spent, the ONE thing you will have to remember all of the moments of your wedding day is your wedding photography. Don't compromise on the only wedding photos that you will be left to look at for the rest of your life. Often, investing an extra $2000 may seem like a large amount in the front end of the wedding budget but, when you get those budget wedding photos in your hand you may wish you would have spent double that $2k just to make sure you weren't heartbroken over your wedding memories. Again, find a Chicago wedding photographer's personality and style that you love and make it one of your top priorities. DESTINATIONS If you're a Chicago area couple planning on taking your fabulous and luxurious wedding outside the state of Illinois don't hesitate to find a local Chicago wedding photographer to take with you to your destination wedding. Just because we are located in Chicago does not mean we are not also destination wedding photographers. In fact, we prefer to be inspired by new, amazing locations. As creative Chicago wedding photographers nothing sparks our creative juices more than jetting off to a luxurious and romantic new wedding venue. In addition to being inspired by unique wedding venues and locations you will rest easy knowing that your destination wedding photographer is someone you can fully trust to capture your wedding day photos just as you have imagined. Often destination wedding locations come packaged with wedding professionals that are more invested in providing a service to the venue that employs or contracts them. We would love to be chosen by YOU and working for YOU! In addition, there may be a language or communication barrier that is difficult to bridge the gap on when you're working with someone whom you may only meet for the first time on your wedding day. Again, this goes straight back to knowing your destination wedding photographer and trusting in them fully to capture the photos that you have dreamed of. As destination wedding photographers we are prepared to travel wherever your fabulous and luxurious wedding day may take you! VIDEOGRAPHY As mentioned above, we are also a Chicago wedding videographer offering Chicago area couples an amazing visual product that will allow you to enjoy all of the words and sounds and energy that unfolds on your wedding day. If you're looking for a Chicago wedding videographer we would encourage you to consider hiring a photo and video team who focuses on capturing and combining all of the imagery from your wedding day. As Chicago wedding photographers and Chicago wedding videographers working together we have a way of communicating that will surpass hiring an outside vendor for one specialty over another. As Chicago wedding videographers, there is nothing worse than having a photographer walking through all of your video footage creating unusable video footage. On the other side, as a Chicago wedding photographer there is nothing worse than having a Chicago wedding videographer setting up shop and camping out right in the middle of all of those key photo moments. Because we are a wedding photography and wedding videography team we know what to do and when to do it in order to allow each specialty to get the best end product possible. We are a Chicago wedding photography and Chicago wedding videography team based in the Chicago metro area offering wedding photography and wedding cinematography in surrounding cities and suburbs such as Chicago, Wheaton, Naperville, Elgin, St. Charles IL, North Shore IL, and Geneva, IL, and any other cities in the Chicago metro area. Don't hesitate to contact us directly if you have additional questions on what it takes to find the best wedding photographer and wedding videographer in Chicago for you!