creative artists who celebrate MARRIAGE

We are Stephen & Laura Drew. We are passionate about marriage, beauty, creativity, and loving others well. We jumped into Photo & Video in 2011 and have never looked back. Click below to learn more about us. 

About us

About us

Stephen & Laura met in Febraury 2009, started dating in March, dropped out of school to travel half way across the world for a missions program in September, and upon returning, Stephen got down on one knee at midnight of their 1 year anniversary to ask Laura to be his forever love. 

They are passionate about their faith in Jesus Christ. They love spending time with family, reading books, puzzling, cooking, eating, landscaping, and cuddling. Together they live in Elgin, IL, where they are currently renovating their historic 1904 Queen Anne Victorian. Laura has her B.A. in Art, Photography, and Graphic Design.

We welcomed our son, Titus Owen, into the world on October 21st, 2016.